Morphologic review and interpretation of biopsy material continues to be the backbone of oncology diagnostics, and is the basis on which PathGroup deploys complement technologies to give the clearest, most accurate picture of a patient’s malignancy from original diagnosis to the presence of minimal residual disease.

Every case is managed by a board-certified hematopathologist that works in concert with the ordering physician to understand the patient’s clinical history. That information is then integrated with the results of any testing to provide diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic guidance for the best patient management and outcome.

As part of this approach PathGroup offers the iPath® Comprehensive Assessment for blood and bone marrow disorders. With one simple order, iPath includes a clinical pathology evaluation, bone marrow and/or blood morphology, flow cytometry, cytogenetics and/or FISH, and PCR as medically necessary to establish a diagnosis or follow disease progression. All findings are then presented in a concise summary report correlating the technologies for easy review.

Our oncology testing menu is built on a core offering that begins with morphologic examination and includes:

Additionally, PathGroup can provide seamless billing that allows patients to contact us directly and physicians to focus on treatment.